Plain and simply, taking the time to put yourself, or your team forward for a business accolade is great for business, Even if you don’t win, simply being part of the process can have huge benefits for your team and the company.

We advise that you get started on those entry submissions asap, but in case you’re still on the fence, here’s 3 reasons why you should enter awards before the end of 2018.


Being associated with business awards is a great marketing opportunity for your business. For example, the IT@Cork Leaders Awards were announced during the week and the finalists received huge attention on social media. As well as the usual media opportunities that come with awards applications, there are a number of other ways you can take advantage if you are shorlisted:

  • Include the news in a newsletter to potential and existing clients
  • Ask a key member of the shortlisted team to write a blog
  • Post about the awards on social media  – using the awards’ hashtag will drive exposure to new audiences and grow your engagement online
  • If you work with a PR company, perhaps you will earn some local coverage or profile pieces for your team!
  • Entering an awards category provides you with a valuable opportunity to reflect, and identify, areas where you can improve in comparison with competitors


Having a team that is proud to work for your company is an invaluable asset and sets the right image for applicants to any open positions you may have. Awards such as the recent Cork Digital Marketing Awards showcase the biggest and the best in the digital marketing field. Our own Digital Manager, Megan Pardy, was a judge at this year’s awards and she added that it was great to see how the awards boosted team morale amongst the finalists, and gave teams an opportunity to be recognised for their hard work.


What’s good for one is good for all! For example, having a female lead considered as Image Businesswoman of the Year in any category would really reinforce their position as an influential businessperson in Ireland in their field. p.s. they’re still taking applications here. Similarly, the recent Network Ireland Businesswoman of the Year awards opened up lots opportunities for the winners, such as speaking opportunities as well as interviews and features about their expertise in media.


We know you’re good. You know you’re good, but what does your target customer know? Very often, consumers compare and contrast companies with a ‘tick-the-box’ approach. You you need to ensure that you meet each requirement and having an award under your belt gives you an advantage over other companies. Being able to tell your clients that you received an award for project management in the PMI Ireland Chapter National Project Awards for instance could really benefit the team.  It also places you in a position of authority, as a trustworthy and influential company.


We hope this blog encourages you to enter an industry or business award. If you don’t know where to start, why not check out some of the below? – A sample of the types of awards across a range of industries!

Some of the deadlines may have passed, but it is worth keeping them in mind for next year!

Irish Healthcare Awards 

Annual Chambers Awards – See your relevant Chamber website for more information. For example, Cork Company of the Year Awards, or the Chambers Ireland CSR Awards

Irish Times Innovation Awards

Pharma Industry Awards

Women Mean Business Awards

Irish Tourism Industry Awards 

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Technology Ireland Industry Awards

Business All-Stars

Business and Finance Irish Business Awards 

Irish Law Awards

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