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How PR can help your business succeed

You often hear people say that a good product will sell itself. So you may wonder whether there is value in hiring a PR & Marketing agency. In reality, it is impossible for clients and consumers to spread the word if they have never heard of your product or brand. PR ensures that your target audience hears the messages you need them to hear. PR will create a meaningful dialogue between you and your key audience.

All you need to know about Speaking Opportunities.

Speaking Opportunities are a unique way to boost your public profile and build personality and authority into your brand. At Springboard PR, we work regularly with clients to secure and manage speaking opportunities. We have compiled this short guide to get you started.

Twitter Moments – A brand new feature

Twitter has released a new Moments feature which will be rolled out across the UK today. Launched in the US, the new Moments feature can be found on a new tab, situated between ‘Notifications’ and ‘Home’.

3 Social Media updates you need to know about

Social Media “superpowers” Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are disrupting the status quo with a number of recent app upgrades. We’ve complied this handy round-up on the latest new features and how you can use them to maximum effect.

Creating Key Messages That Succeed

At Springboard PR & Marketing, we advise our clients to always invest time into crafting powerful key messages. These are the core descriptors that will differentiate you, your business or product among your new and existing clients, and in the media. There are some pointers that we consistently stick to when developing key messages for our clients.

Springboard PR’s Top 4 Networking Tips

We know that networking may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is important to devote some time to promoting you and your business. Establishing good business connections and friendships is vital to you and your company’s success and development. We’ll talk you through the top techniques you can use for valuable networking.

Perfect and Promote your Webinar

Last week, we helped you kick-start your very first webinar. Now that you have the tools, we’ll show you how to ensure the webinar is a success and how you can leverage the new content to raise your profile.

Top Tips for creating your first Webinar

A webinar is an online seminar designed to educate the audience about a specific topic. Webinars are relatively inexpensive, and at Springboard PR & Marketing, we think they are an effective tool to reach a broad audience and generate leads if you have the know-how.
If conducted well, webinars can help to raise your own profile and that of your company, enabling you to become an authority in your area and increase blogging traffic.

Top Tips for Shareable Infographics

Colourful infographics are 80% more likely to be read than text. An infograph is a visual display of information – the aim is to quickly and clearly convey a key message at a glance.

Read on for Springboard PR & Marketing’s simple and effective guide to creating the perfect infograph.

Top Tips for Effective Meetings

With so much on the to-do list, it is important for business leaders to manage meetings effectively so as to get the most out of their time. Below are some very simple tips that we like to give our clients, when advising them on internal communications for their organisations. We find that these simple rules can go a long way towards ensuring productive meetings, whilst minimising time commitment.



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