Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but the marketing opportunities that you have created can continue. If you captured valuable data from customers who landed on your website in the search for bargains, it’s now time to think about how to strategically use this information.

It is important to ensure the right people come back to your website, ones who are genuinely interested in your offering and will buy again. Picture the ideal customer and make sure you are using the right tools to encourage them to visit your website continually.

One of those tools is email marketing, using the email addresses captured in recent days through either online sales or e-zine sign-ups. This will be invaluable for further boosting your brand’s exposure.

Firstly, think clearly what is your sales funnel is — the path that a prospect takes through your site that ultimately results in a conversion. Now you have your leads, send them an email, which will keep potential consumers interested until they choose to make a purchase.


Email Marketing can easily be ignored and sent to the dreaded spam box. To make sure you aren’t bombarding your customers with boring information create a snappy headline that invites the customer to find out more. Always remember your first line of text is what appears in the preview snippet, so word it carefully to capture everyone’s attention.

Once the customer has opened the email, the email should contain some privileged and tantalising information to create that ‘VIP’, personalised experience.

Great examples of this are discounts, rewards or perks but they can also include:

  • Sneak peeks
  • Behind-the-scenes images or news
  • How-to guides
  • Guest-blogs by people relevant to the industry

Remember, if your offering is good, customers will be more inclined to continue opening emails in the future.


Make the emails periodic, but not incessant. Have a set email schedule so that customers know what to expect. This can be a monthly e-zine or quarterly newsletter, weekly top-tips, daily inspiration or ‘Feel-good Friday Deals’.

Always make sure your email is optimised for mobile. Capitalise on every line of text in the email. If it isn’t relevant make sure to delete it. Keep it short and to the point and use images where possible.


Most importantly make sure all items in the email have links that can bring your customers directly to where they would like to go. Take every opportunity to drive customers to your website, add a direct link to the features in your email so that customers can click and buy the products. Include clear instructions and calls-to-action where necessary. Make your contact details or customer service lines clearly visible.

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