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Perfect and Promote your Webinar

Last week, we helped you kick-start your very first webinar. Now that you have the tools, we’ll show you how to ensure the webinar is a success and how you can leverage the new content to raise your profile.

Top Tips for creating your first Webinar

A webinar is an online seminar designed to educate the audience about a specific topic. Webinars are relatively inexpensive, and at Springboard PR & Marketing, we think they are an effective tool to reach a broad audience and generate leads if you have the know-how.
If conducted well, webinars can help to raise your own profile and that of your company, enabling you to become an authority in your area and increase blogging traffic.

Top Tips for Shareable Infographics

Colourful infographics are 80% more likely to be read than text. An infograph is a visual display of information – the aim is to quickly and clearly convey a key message at a glance.

Read on for Springboard PR & Marketing’s simple and effective guide to creating the perfect infograph.

Top Tips for Effective Meetings

With so much on the to-do list, it is important for business leaders to manage meetings effectively so as to get the most out of their time. Below are some very simple tips that we like to give our clients, when advising them on internal communications for their organisations. We find that these simple rules can go a long way towards ensuring productive meetings, whilst minimising time commitment.

Your Guide to Going Live with Facebook Video

Facebook Live is a live-video-streaming option. It allows Facebook users to create, stream, interact and watch video content in real time. Your followers will receive notifications when you go live so that they may tune into the live broadcast. We advise our clients to refocus their integrated communications strategy to incorporate more video content, as Facebook has amended its algorithm so that live videos appear higher up on the news feed.

Top 3 Tips for the Perfect Inbound Marketing Strategy

Successful inbound marketing is content driven. With more technology at your fingertips than ever before, as well as a little bit of Springboard know-how, you can create quality content to target your key audience and draw in potential consumers. To create the perfect Inbound Marketing Strategy, follow these three steps!

First steps to start you on the road to ‘thought-leadership’

A favourite term in PR is ‘thought –leadership’. Often used but not always understood.

Top Tips for the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are also known as a lead capture page. A landing page usually stands alone, separate from the main webpage that is dedicated to one single product, campaign or service.

Top Tips for Mobile friendly marketing

When we wrote our very first blog of 2016, we predicted that mobile optimisation had ceased to be a ‘nice-to-have’ and had grown into a ‘must have’ for any company. Here, we’ll take you through a simple and effective mobile marketing strategy that will work for any business.

The Power of Visual Content Marketing

How can you sum up your business in seconds to make an impact? Everybody knows how important first impressions are and on average it takes just seven seconds to make that strong first impression. However, in the noisy and information-driven world that we live it, key messages can be difficult to convey. It begs the question, what if you could sum up everything in an image instead? Wouldn’t life be easier?



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